All those crazy verbs !

oplopen, aflopen, doorlopen, overlopen…
het hebben over, het zien zitten, ervan af zijn… 
inzetten op, afgaan op, overeenkomen met…

Do you also struggle with all the verbs and their meanings? Do all these “separable verbs” and “phrasal verbs” with a little prefix here, a little preposition there, make your head explode🤯? You are not alone! That’s why we created this e-book!


“I have been struggling to understand and use these types of verbs and phrases with “er” and prepositions and everything, that seem so typical for Dutch. So it was about time someone wrote this book to help us out. Thanks Sofie!”  


Is this e-book for me?

This e-book is for people who:

👉 Are learning Dutch in Belgium.

👉 Have a level between A2 and C1

👉 want to feel more confident and understand more.

👉 are feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused by all those Dutch verbs that are combined with a little prefix here, a little word or preposition there, and suddenly take on a completely NEW meaning!🤯🤯🤯 

👉 would like to finally have a clear overview AND exercises to practice! 

Hi! I'm sofie

and I’m here on a mission! A mission to give you the confidence to speak (and feel!) like an insider. To help you understand native speakers, find joy in informal conversations, express yourself fully, and connect with people✨

If there’s 1 thing I love to do, it’s to find solutions for the frustrations of my students. That’s why I created this e-book! 

Sofie Begine is an experienced language coach and teacher, specializing in informal language. You can check out her LinkedIn profile and testimonials from her students here

What's included?

🌟 A 182 page e-book (pdf) with the most important variations on 37 verbs. 

🌟 Exclusive fill-the-gap exercises,  that can be done in the e-book or online. 

🌟 The true treasure of this e-book: lots of realistic & funny examples with each word and expression, to help you develop a feeling for informal language!

🌟 Translations in English for every expression and verb, to make sure you understand.

Hoe zit het?

Start now and learn so much in so little time!


What our clients say:


An essential resource for NT2 learners wanting to sound more idiomatic through specific phrasal verbs. The book covers all most frequent verbs and their combinations with prepositions. I’m at C1 level so I’m an independent speaker in all contexts, yet I still learned a ton with this book.
The fill in the blank sentence exercises are very useful too. Perhaps it’d be nice to have exercises with longer texts or dialogs instead of loose sentences.



I really enjoyed the reading, it’s easy to follow and the examples are really useful. I liked the exercises and I think it covers a lot of verbs that you can use in daily life, in conversations with friends or in a working environment.



Ik vind het een bijzonder boek. Je legt in je boeken alles uit wat ik niet op school heb geleerd en het was erg moeilijk omdat veel mensen de uitdrukkingen en woorden uit je boeken gebruiken. Ze helpen mij om mensen beter te begrijpen en gemakkelijker met hen te kunnen communiceren. Je bent een grote hulp voor iedereen en bedankt voor alles! Erg blij mee.


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