3 must-read e-books to help you understand informal conversation in Flemish!

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“A must for anyone who wants to communicate in a more informal way in everyday life and with colleagues!”


What's included?

Snapt ge? Typische woorden en uitdrukkingen van het informele Belgisch-Nederlands

Discover more than 900 typical Flemish words and expressions that we use to spice up our informal conversations & speak more authentically!

E-book: Tussentaal voor beginners

Have you been studying Dutch for a while but you notice that the way your colleagues, friends, neighbors and family talk is not the same? In this e-book you will discover the main differences between the official language and the informal spoken language.

Do you also struggle with all the verbs and their meanings? Do all these “separable verbs” and “phrasal verbs” with a little prefix here, a little preposition there, make your head explode🤯? You are not alone! That’s why we created this e-book!

Snapt ge?


Snapt ge? Typische woorden en uitdrukkingen van het informele Belgisch-Nederlands
E-book: Tussentaal voor beginners

Tussentaal voor beginners


Hoe zit het?


What our clients say:


About “Tussentaal voor beginners”:

This is an excellent compendium of ways how to sound like a local and how to understand them better.
The focus of the book is on pronunciation but the exercises will also enrich your vocabulary.
I strongly recommend this book to anyone who already knows the official Flemish but also wants to use the everyday language spoken by the people.



About “Snapt ge?”: 

This book is so helpful. It’s basically what is often missing in the typical Dutch classes in Belgium, the real spoken language. Although my level of Netherlands was quite good I still often missed the meaning of certain expressions. This book really helped me to fill in the blanks and I’m enjoying my conversations in Dutch more.

Funny enough after I learned some of these phrases it feels like I’m often hearing them from friends/family/colleagues, I guess before they would just go over my head, but now I can recognize them. 🙂



About “Hoe zit het?”:

I really enjoyed the reading, it’s easy to follow and the examples are really useful. I liked the exercises and I think it covers a lot of verbs that you can use in daily life, in conversations with friends or in a working environment.


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Hi! I'm Sofie,

I’ve been working as a language teacher for 10 years now, and I’m here on a mission. A mission to give you the confidence to speak (and feel!) like an insider. 

To help you find joy in informal conversations, express yourself fully, and connect with people✨

To help you no longer feel like an outsider at work, at family parties or in any place where you are surrounded with Flemish native speakers. 

Informal language is the key. Let me take you on a journey!


Sofie Begine is an experienced language coach and teacher, specializing in informal language. You can check out her LinkedIn profile and testimonials from her students here