Our books are there to help you sound more like a native speaker, understand Flemish people better and be more relaxed in a Flemish environment. All our books include audio and are specifically developed for self-study.

If you have trouble deciding which book is right for you, check out the FAQ section below!

About the author

Sofie Begine is an experienced language coach and teacher, specializing in informal language.

Discover them here:

Spoken Flemish
A survival guide for parents and partners
Wa zegt ge?
Vlaamse spreektaal voor anderstaligen
Spoken Flemish:
a survival guide for the office
2nd edition
Spoken Flemish:
a survival guide for international students
Le flamand au bureau: guide de survie


Discover all the informal words and expressions you don’t learn in school and sound more like a native speaker instantly! This 150 page e-book comes with: 

  • 🌟 700+ typical words and 200+ informal expressions, with clear definitions and examples
  • 🌟Audio to help you with pronunciation
  • 🌟 22 exclusive Quizlet exercises to practice on your smartphone

Have you already studied Dutch but you are wondering what are the differences between the official language and the informal spoken language? Check out this practical e-book with:

  • 💡Clear explanations with examples
  • 💡Practical exercises
  • 💡Audio & listening exercises included
  • 💡Help to understand regional accents

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Frequently asked questions

Survival guide for the office / Survival guide for international students / Le flamand au bureau: beginners to lower intermediate (A0-A2 level) 
Survival guide for parents and partners: all levels 

Wa zegt ge? Vlaamse spreektaal voor anderstaligen: starting A2 level if you have help from a native speaker, starting B1 (intermediate) level if you are using it for self study. 

Snapt ge? : Starting A2 level 
Tussentaal voor beginners: Starting B1 (intermediate) level

If you are considering to buy multiple of our survival guides, I would recommend you contacting me for advise at, as some of the content can overlap. 
However, it would be a great idea to start with a survival guide, then take it to the next level with our book Wa zegt ge? and to supplement that with 1 or all of our e-books. 
Many of our customers buy our survival guide for the office or Le flamand au bureau in combination with Wa zegt ge? 

If you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact me at

The books and e-books of Goesting in Taal are all about informal Belgian Dutch, or what we call “tussentaal”. The idea is to help you discover how people really speak among colleagues, friends, family, neighbors … Our books are not about regional dialects, but start from the question: what would you hear if you put people from different regions in Flanders together in an informal setting, like for example in an office in Brussels. It’s also the Dutch you will hear in most Flemish movies, series and reality shows. 
We also help you understand regional accents or very important regional expressions in some of our books, for example in our e-book Tussentaal voor beginners.  

Absolutely! All of our books and e-books were developed for self-study and come with audio to help you with comprehension and pronunciation. 

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