Resources for parents who live in Belgium and want to improve their Dutch

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I confess: I’m a big fan of the Maison Slash website & podcast (and they are not sponsoring this)!
Their website is great for getting inspiration for trips and activities with the kids, their posts on social media are hilarious, and their podcast is interesting, recognisable and of course: a great listening exercise for you! ūüėȬ†

And, what makes it even more cool for Goesting in Taal followers: in the titles of their articles they often use typical “informal language” sentences, like:¬†

  • Oedoededa? = Hoe doe je dat?¬†
  • Kendet? = Ken je het?¬†
  • Oewertkda? = Hoe werkt dat?¬†

If you are learning Dutch in Belgium, you have to discover NEDBOX as a learning resource! It has a ton of videos with exercises for different levels. 

They often use fragments from Karrewiet, the Flemish news program for kids! This can also be an interesting show for you, as the language is a bit more simple. 

Are you on Instagram? Then make sure to follow these accounts for hilarious, recognisable and sometimes heartwarming content: 

Another website full of articles about life with kids! 

Make sure to also check their podcast! 

Sometimes, they drive us crazy, but hey, it’s good they exist! Kind & Gezin is the organisation responsible for helping all children in Flanders have a good & healthy start in life, by following up on their growth, vaccinations etc.¬†

Their website is a handy resource (and written in not-too-complicated Dutch)¬†for information¬† about general health recommandations for young children, food, development… and practical questions like: can my child go to the daycare with symptoms x or y…

=> So it’s great for expanding your vocabulary!

And, of course: our Survival guide for parents & partners!

Your survival guide with key phrases for conversations with

  • your partner
  • your family-in-law
  • the friends of your kids
  • friends & neighbors
  • the daycare
  • and the school!

=> audio included
348 pages

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