Sound like a local workshops

In these workshops we go over typical real life situations, focusing onΒ  discovering key words and phrases from spoken Flemish language and putting them into practice straight away! The goal?

🌟 Understand more when native speakers talk fast and informally

🌟 Be more comfortable and express yourself more naturally

🌟 Discover the differences between official Dutch and informal Flemish

🌟 Amaze your Flemish colleagues, friends and family with your knowledge of the local language

We adapt the content to the target audience’s level and world, whether they are international students, working professionals, PhD’s or expats.


To be discussed with school/company
Duration: 2-3 hours

Interactive workshop
  • Maximum 25 participants
Β or
in the organisation
2 possible formulas:

1- Workshop with a Buddy system: each apprentice teams up with a native speaker, directly putting theory into practice! Great formula for mixed-language teams and international students.
2- Workshop with apprentices only: Perfect for bigger groups. The focus stays on interaction with the audience at all times.

Sofie Begine

Depending on formula, amount of workshops and required preparation time.
Contact me for a detailed offer.

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