Surrounded by Flemish colleagues at work?

Feel relaxed and start chatting in Dutch with your Flemish colleagues!

A survival guide for the office: everything you need to start participating in informal discussions in Dutch at work. The conversation at the coffee machine will have no more secrets for you!

Words from a client:

I highly recommend it!

“This guide is really very practical. It contains a multitude of vocabulary words and key phrases relating to office life and exchanges with Flemish colleagues. Its format is perfect to always have it close to you when needed.
It lives up to its name as a survival guide very well. I highly recommend it!”

– MAÏTÉ – 

Sounds interesting?

Would you like to finally be able to chat with your Dutch-speaking colleagues in Dutch 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️? Learn about the informal Flemish language in our office survival guide ✨!

You will find :

👉 key words and phrases to have authentic and natural conversations

👉 realistic office life situations

👉 basic grammar, clearly explained and illustrated with realistic examples

👉 a lexicon with more than 750 basic words (Flemish-English and English-Flemish)

👉 more than 3 hours of audio included to practice listening and pronunciation!


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What our clients say


“Very handy to take with me to work. The topics are very relevant, and funny sometimes too.”



“The “Flemish at the office” guide is in pocket format, very practical, with very useful phrases and key words for day to day. The audios are a real plus.”



“Practical and well-constructed guide that will allow you to make progress very quickly and to feel much more comfortable in your exchanges with your Flemish colleagues.

The content is chosen with care and corresponds perfectly to professional reality.”


Sofie Begine

Sofie Begine is an experienced language coach and teacher, specializing in informal language. You can check out her LinkedIn profile and testimonials from her students here

Nice to meet you!

Hi there! I'm Sofie.

I’m a corporate language trainer and I’m here on a mission.

A mission to give you the confidence to speak and  feel relaxed in Dutch. 

To help you find joy in informal conversations, express yourself fully, and connect with your colleagues✨

To start understanding what people are saying around you. 

Informal language is the key. Let me take you on a journey!



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