Why learn informal language?

✨ First of all, because it’s FUN! Discovering the way people actually talk & how you can sound more authentic and natural, that’s fascinating, no?

Tussentaal is EVERYWHERE! It’s the language we use amongst friends and family, but also with our colleagues, neighbors, even at the baker or the hairdresser. We use this language to decrease the distance between us and the other person, to have a warmer contact.

✨ For most Flemish people, especially the young ones, tussentaal is their real mother tongue, and it holds a very special place in our hearts. It’s the language we use to express our emotions, to make jokes. It’s the language we speak when we are being spontaneous.

✨ Most Flemish movies and tv series are in tussentaal. You will finally be able to understand them without subtitles!

✨ There is something magical in knowing this informal language as a language learner. I see it everytime. Suddenly, people see you with different eyes. You are suddenly much more considered as an insider. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes or if you have an accent.

✨ You will have more authentic conversations and connections with people, and they will be happy to help you discover new words & expressions once they are aware of your interest in informal language.

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